Ghost in the Family

A Local Lexington Indie Feature

UPDATE!  Ghost in the Family is now making its way through the festival circuit, and won Best Family Film at The Indie Gathering in Cleveland, OH!  

My first leading role as "Karen" in Ghost in the Family with Jacob Keohane and Katie Hubbard is about to premiere!  It's now finished with post production, and is being submitted like crazy to the festival circuit!  Look for news on the inevitable acceptances coming soon.

Creative Lexington, with producer Bryan Mullins, is now looking forward to their next project, French Club with writer/director Lindsey Hancock Williamson, local producer from indie hit American Animals.  

As a bonus, I have come on with the company as Project Manager, putting my marketing skills to good use!

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About Me

Horror Film Fame

The recently wrapped Rosa Leigh was an amazing project I had the honor of starring in.  Playing a paranormal investigator was an absolute blast, and I have discovered a love of horror flicks!  I had the opportunity to film alongside veteran actor Santiago Cirilo of The Walking Dead fame, which was quite an experience!  Writer/director Christopher Maggard's first feature was definitely a success, especially with award winning cinematographer Eric Andresen on board.  With crazy special FX and a talented crew to boot, it's sure to be a real killer.  Watch the first trailer below! 

Commercials Galore

While my focus is film and TV, I have vast stage, hosting and voiceover experience and job history as well.  I currently have three commercials shown locally as well as regionally.  From banks to credit unions to fan companies (did someone say Big Ass Fans??) I have represented many local companies. 

Watch my widely popular Louisville International Airport commercial here, which also saw print ads in Delta SkyMiles as well as American Airlines in flight magazine, reaching millions of people!

From Snow White to Snipers

My love for acting began when I was in kindergarten, where I was voted by classmates into the role of Snow White.  From then on I loved telling stories to captive audiences, and continue to do so to this day.  I revel in portraying strong female roles such as one of my latest, sniper Amanda Adams in the pilot episode of "Der Vertrag" with Vernon Wells.  I absolutely loved the chance to do tactical training and learn how to use weapons that were about the size of me!  To watch the proof of concept of this veteran-driven drama, just click below!


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